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“One for One is a growing, unified, global community of men who are both self-educating and activists.”

The outer reflects the inner. What we do reflects who we are. The societies we create reflect the kind of people we are.

A work of art is the ‘outer’ expression of the ‘inner life’ of the artist. A civilization is the visible expression of the consciousness of its citizens. Read more [+]

People go to war – to die and/or kill each other – because they are convinced of the virtues of unquestioning obedience, or, more insidiously, because they are convinced they have chosen, heroically, to go kill/die of their own free will. Whatever the case, their inner convictions shape their outer actions.

What we see, ‘the outer’, is people killing each other because they’ve been told to, and/or believe some story about the evil of ‘the enemy’. Why? How is it possible we can be so foolish and manipulable? Because we are moved by the invisible, by ‘the inner’. The inner is the engine of our madness: an insecurity so great that we dare not defy the habits of the herd, a lack of self-worth so excruciating that to conform to cruelty is preferable to personal integrity and loving kindness, and minds neurologically distorted from a very early age, now convinced of the idiocies (ideologies) they’ve been fed (from nationality, to religion, to scientific ‘truth’, to monogamy, to money, to time… the list is endless). In such a state we can be manipulated almost effortlessly to act against our own welfare, the welfare of our brothers, sisters and people of all genders, the welfare of our fellow creatures, and the welfare of the Earth.

“It is therefore naĂŻve, or perhaps just plain stupid, to expect a radical revision of modern civilization without addressing the invisible, inner, emotional and psychological engine that drives it.”

The simplicity and obviousness of this presents us with a dilemma: that we are not equipped to act – that first, individually, we need to loosen the grip that fear and self-doubt have upon us, and relax the arrogant certainties with which we try to protect ourselves – and yet (and here is the dilemma), there is no time for such self-education! We are speeding towards our own extinction. What to do?

The One for One response – our proposal – is this: to create, together, a unified community of men who are both self-educating and activists: men who are engaged with both the inner and the outer, men committed to their own self-education, who simultaneously want to, or already are, actively empowering individuals and local communities to trust themselves and build ways of life that are honest, open, Earth-respecting, loving, and beautiful.

We feel passionately that we need to unify in this simple yet profound understanding of the ‘inner’ and ‘outer’ – that we can no longer let ourselves be divided.

We are proposing that we support more open politicians, but stop waiting for governments to change the world, and unite as men – at a level deeper than almost anything in the modern media – and take a radical stand, alongside our sisters and people of all genders, for the future of our planet.


Connect with other men who are also interested in this perspective, and form self-educational groups…

If you have taken part in the Citizens of a New Civilization program and want to continue your path of ´self-education´ in the company of other brothers, let us know, and we’ll connect you. Write to us

“Entering brotherhood I exit isolation, and begin to sense both the uniqueness and the commonality of our experience. Witnessing my brothers’ life journeys, being privy to their privacies, I intuit how they are passing through this world much as I am. Without compromising my individuality in any way, I open to our collectivity. I observe the similarity of our conditionings, and the similarity of our strategies to survive them. In empathic openness to my brothers, the sense of belonging – that is so crucial to my ability to remain rested in centre – becomes more and more of an undeniable, felt reality.”  

From The Uprising of Man

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He is eager to travel to wherever there is interest and enthusiasm. Book readings can be combined with one or two day experiential seminars. He is especially interested in supporting deep unity among people who feel it is crucial we develop empowered, ecologically aware, local community.

Metafocus: Freedom & Authority, Equality & Brotherhood

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Sessions are usually by Skype, last between an hour and an hour and a half, and cost €70 (this can be reduced, if necesssary, according to your income).

All sessions are completely confidential. After an initial session, you might agree to doing a series of sessions together – although a one-off session is also fine.

Group and couple sessions are also possible.

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