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About Mark Josephs

As a young man Mark renounced conventional education, eventually spending ten years as a Hindu renunciate and devotee. In his early thirties he ‘came down the mountain’ - and became a successful businessman, but he still felt uncomfortable - seeing a huge split in modern culture, which seemed to hide the profound, painful and exquisite journeys of our ´hearts and souls´ from public and political life. In 1993, together with Elisabeth Serra, he started the self-development project Social Alchemy: brotherhood, sisterhood, community. He has led innumerable workshops and retreats for men, and is the author of ‘Sex, Spirit & Community’, ‘Intimate Freedom’ and ‘A Call To The Revolution of The Heart’. Now in his early 60´s, over the last five years Mark´s vision of ´menswork´ and social/ecological change has exploded with energy and urgency. He has presented it in his new book, The Uprising of Man: a proposal, and it is the inspiration behind One for One.

Why Only Men?

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I have frequently been challenged with the question "why only men?" People have criticized me as divisive. "After all", they say "don´t we all need to unite in our innate freedom, in our personal authority, and in deep equality - regardless of our bodily differences, regardless of our self-definitions?" [...]