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Becoming the Change, Together

Just Beginning!

One for One has just begun (in the fall of 2017), and is evolving fast. It is an out-of-the-box project, and an ambitious one…

Who’s Behind It?

One for One emerged at the beginning of 2017, in conversations in Barcelona, Spain, between Mark Josephs and Carles Ferreiro. As of March 2018 another five men, based in Spain, the UK and the US, have joined them to explore the possibility of creating a larger Holding Group for the project. We will post more on this as this exploration evolves.

Is It A Business?

One for One is not a money-making project (not for profit). Mark & Carles have given it shape as a Co-Op because this feels to them like the legal form that most accurately reflects one of its most vital core values: our absolute equality.

Another of One for One’s core values is honesty, and although this goes deeper than structural and financial transparency, you can access all such information here. If we’re in this together – no secrets!

In 2018 we hope more men will join us as working members of the Co-Op. If you are interested please do contact us.

Core Values

The values that underpin and drive One for One are explained and elaborated in Mark’s book The Uprising of Man. They include:

  • being honest with ourselves – not only intellectually, but emotionally, and in relation to life itself (“what do we really know?”, etc.)
  • the honoring of the uniqueness of every individual
  • the absolute equality of all individuals
  • the innate freedom of every individual
  • that every individual is their own authority
  • the inspiration and empowerment of brotherhood
  • humility, courage, self-responsibility
  • self-education to free ourselves from the grip of social conditioning, and our personal-historical immaturities
  • activism as heartful, meaningful creativity
  • openness to the Great Mystery of existence – of which we are part
  • love of the Earth, and all of its inhabitants

It goes, we hope, without saying that One for One is open to all men, of all ages, cultural and racial backgrounds, sexualities, financial situations, beliefs, and so on.

What About Women?

Although our aim is to unite as men, this in no way whatsoever implies that we are anti-women, or anti-anyone for that matter – whatever their physical form, or however they might define their gender.

One for One is not in favor of “men’s rights” any more than it is in favour of anyone else’s rights. We do not respect men more, or less, than women. Our radical social-evolutionary stance is that we want to participate in the urgent co-creation of a new and utterly respectful global culture. How can this be done other than in fullest respect for everyone?

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