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(part III of III)


Both the sphere of Equality and the sphere of Transparency are concerned with how we relate. A question to spark off inquiry in the Equality sphere would be, quite simply: “is it true, for me, that we are all equal?” And yes, I know, so many of us have a quick answer to this – but when we begin to live this inquiry, to actually observe how we relate, then we are often surprised, if not shocked. Do I really acknowledge, moment to moment, that this person´s ideas and feelings are as valid as mine? Do I really acknowledge that this person is as important to themselves as I am to me?! The inquiry unfolds… To what extent do I really see them? To what extent do I really let myself be seen? Can there be deep intimacy (love), without deep, felt, lived equality? What am I afraid of? What to do with my fear – repress it? This is the stuff of the third sphere.

Which leads us into the fourth sphere, the Sphere of Transparency. I don´t know if there is a question to ignite the inquiry in this sphere. Transparency is about unpretentiousness, about not pretending to be other than we are. It is about abandoning the perfection project! But… to let ourselves be-seen, as we are, to let others judge us, as they will, to be happy to not be who we´d perhaps hoped we might be, to be ourselves… is a subtle and sophisticated affair.

The inquiry in the Sphere of Transparency is about center and conditioning. From which am I relating? Can they be separated? What actually is ´center´? Is it something fixed or fluid? Is it even possible to escape our conditioning? Can I self-observe (mind, heart, body, being), and tell the truth of my experiencing without blame of other or self? Transparency is about both vulnerability and power, intimacy and freedom. It requires discipline and, above all, self-love…

If we were to tick all the boxes in the previous three spheres and say “yes, all is one, and yes, all each of us ever has is their own experiencing – and yes, we are equals”, then we might say that to meet in transparency is this: to meet in the untimeable moment – each in the mystery of their own experiencing – to know heartbreaking equality, and (with great skill) to each let ourselves be humbly and proudly revealed in the strange beauty of our uniqueness.

So are you in? Are you up for using this metafocus (which, of course, can and will itself evolve), for the unification of men in activist brotherhood at a most profound personal level, and at a radical-evolutionary (if not, revolutionary) global-cultural level?

You have been conditioned. So have I. If we do not question, and evolve, and loosen the hold this conditioning has on us, we will hasten our self-destruction. Alternatively, we can inquire with all we´ve got, and re-condition ourselves, and survive, and perhaps (who knows?), co-create unimagined ways of being here together. But our unity is essential. And without a metafocus how can there be sustained unity?

People say “what a mad, utopian endeavor!”, and “you know what men are like!” But no! The hell with such stereotypes! Let´s educate ourselves, and our children, and our grandchildren in all four of these spheres, let´s defy the limitations of both our personal and social conditioning, and let´s open the way for descendants for whom it will only be natural to live as one race, in loving respect for the beauty, intelligence and innocence of the many other races with whom we share this magical planet.

What do you think? What do you feel? Is this metafocus for you? Well you read until the end!


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About the Author:

As a young man Mark renounced conventional education, eventually spending ten years as a Hindu renunciate and devotee. In his early thirties he ‘came down the mountain’ - and became a successful businessman, but he still felt uncomfortable - seeing a huge split in modern culture, which seemed to hide the profound, painful and exquisite journeys of our ´hearts and souls´ from public and political life. In 1993, together with Elisabeth Serra, he started the self-development project Social Alchemy: brotherhood, sisterhood, community. He has led innumerable workshops and retreats for men, and is the author of ‘Sex, Spirit & Community’, ‘Intimate Freedom’ and ‘A Call To The Revolution of The Heart’. Now in his early 60´s, over the last five years Mark´s vision of ´menswork´ and social/ecological change has exploded with energy and urgency. He has presented it in his new book, The Uprising of Man: a proposal, and it is the inspiration behind One for One.