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I see this living-metafocus as having four spheres, and I have written about them in The Uprising of Man: A Proposal. Here I am going to call them the spheres of Unity, Subjectivity, Equality and Transparency. The idea then is (although we may, and no doubt do, have all sorts of differences of perspective, opinion, intuition, inclination, etc.), that we become united in self-and-societal transformation by each of us becoming personally, actively, intimately interested in exploring all four of these spheres. We then become united by our common interest and engagement.

An example of a question that could spark off the inquiry in the Unity Sphere would be: “is it true, for me, that all life is one?¨ And please note that this is no more a spiritual question than it is a material one. It is not angling at getting anyone to believe in anything – at all. But for me, it is a catalytic question – one that sets us off into an exploration of interconnection, into where each of us begins and ends, and into how we relate to, well, everything. Then as we go deeper, it becomes more than an intellectual question. What does interconnection feel like? If all life IS one, how do we experience that? Do we experience it? When? Why? Why not? Is it a realization that can be lived, or simply an abstract concept? If it can be lived – how? And so on…

Essentially, this first sphere is an experiential inquiry into the nature of our relationship with reality itself. Again, for this metafocus to ´fit´, for you, you would have to be interested in this. Personally I believe it´s ´program or be programed´ – in other words, that unless we consciously establish our own relationship with reality, then we will default to the understanding of reality that was implanted in our minds as children (if not before). So I, for one, am ´in´ for exploration in this sphere.

The second sphere that would have to interest you to be able to sit comfortably within this metafocus is the one of Subjectivity. An example of a question that would spark off the inquiry in this sphere would be “is it true, for me, that all I have is my own experiencing?” Again, this question opens up a lifetime´s inquiry! It is a huge question! It invites us to consider potentially painful issues related to our personal authority, and personal freedom. It brings our attention to our moment-to-moment experiencing – and perhaps, therefore, to a sense of our own fallibility, and into a questioning of all of our beloved certainties. It opens up questions of aloneness, and uniqueness, and so on…

There is a delicate balance between these first two spheres of interest… Is it possible that ´all is one´, that we are all perhaps-timelessly, perhaps-inseparably united, and yet that somehow, simultaneously, we are each of us utterly alone? Again: to fully explore we will need to explore fully (not only intellectually) – we will need to explore with our minds, yes, but also with our feelings, our physical experiencing, our intuitions, our imagining… And as we deepen we might discover that some of our faculties are under-developed, or repressed…

And please notice that I am not prescribing any one way to do any of this. If I was, then I don´t feel this would qualify as a metafocus. It is a unitive metafocus precisely because it is not prescriptive, but facilitatory. Its intention is not to impose. Its intention is to provide a framework for the unification of the many and varied inquiries with which we are already engaged.

But yes, and here is another element that might put you off (or turn you on): there is also a matter of tone. I touched upon this above, when I wrote about eco-emergency and a sense of urgency. There is a tone, or mood, or flavour with which I am presenting this metafocus – and it´s a tone of totality, of full-on engagement with these questions…. ultimately, it´s a mood of radical, if not revolutionary, honesty. It´s a kind of “I don´t want my grandchildren to ask why I did nothing” mood, and a readiness to put oneself on the line… Still interested? I hope so!

Let´s look at the two remaining spheres… read more…


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About the Author:

As a young man Mark renounced conventional education, eventually spending ten years as a Hindu renunciate and devotee. In his early thirties he ‘came down the mountain’ - and became a successful businessman, but he still felt uncomfortable - seeing a huge split in modern culture, which seemed to hide the profound, painful and exquisite journeys of our ´hearts and souls´ from public and political life. In 1993, together with Elisabeth Serra, he started the self-development project Social Alchemy: brotherhood, sisterhood, community. He has led innumerable workshops and retreats for men, and is the author of ‘Sex, Spirit & Community’, ‘Intimate Freedom’ and ‘A Call To The Revolution of The Heart’. Now in his early 60´s, over the last five years Mark´s vision of ´menswork´ and social/ecological change has exploded with energy and urgency. He has presented it in his new book, The Uprising of Man: a proposal, and it is the inspiration behind One for One.