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Why Only Men?

//Why Only Men?

I have frequently been challenged with the question “why only men?” People have criticized me as divisive. “After all”, they say “don´t we all need to unite in our innate freedom, in our personal authority, and in deep equality – regardless of our bodily differences, regardless of our self-definitions?”

Well, yes, of course we do. But I do not feel I am being divisive. I feel I am contributing to that unity.

I feel that the dominant culture of the world – whatever its sub-divisions into so-called-religious or so-called-scientific worldviews – is conceited in its narrow mindededness, vicious and voracious, and in need of radical revision – and that if, as men, we can unite in dignity, we can become a powerful contributing force in that revisioning.

Yes, we all need to unite. Of course we do. And I feel I am calling my brothers to take our place in that unity.

I am not calling us to unite in opposition to women, or anyone, or anything – quite the contrary – I am calling us to unite beyond any ideas about who or what or why we are. I am calling us to unite in the openness of radical honesty, in the humility of our absolute equality, and in the utter relief of remembering what beautiful beings we all are. That is our dignity.

Now this might sound grandiose. We all want to ´save the world´. And many people proclaim they have ´the´ answer. I do not believe I have the answer. But I do believe that without opening in honesty to ourselves, to each other, and to life itself, there is little if any dignity, little vision, and that we are therefore unable to contribute to the revisioning.

I am deeply concerned when I ask a brother what he is giving his life for, what his guiding star is, where he intends to rest his heart at the moment of death – and he does not know.

I am equally deeply concerned when I ask and he mouths some intellectually shabby doctrine involving the gods, or some barren-hearted devotion to logic.

I am embarrassed to see my brothers pretending to be so much less than they are.

What am I living and dying for?

As my mind opens I confess: I do not know ´the truth´. As my heart opens, it is simple: I love. As the totality of my being opens – arms outstretched towards an infinite sky – tears roll down my cheeks in gratitude for the gift of existence. From here I call to my brothers, “let us stand together in the miracle of this Great Unknown, and let no society tell us it is anything less. Let us not be followers. Let us recover our dignity. Let there be male pride. Let us stand with everyone, and every creature, and every tree, and let us contribute to the revisioning of our human presence on this Earth”.

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About the Author:

As a young man Mark renounced conventional education, eventually spending ten years as a Hindu renunciate and devotee. In his early thirties he ‘came down the mountain’ - and became a successful businessman, but he still felt uncomfortable - seeing a huge split in modern culture, which seemed to hide the profound, painful and exquisite journeys of our ´hearts and souls´ from public and political life. In 1993, together with Elisabeth Serra, he started the self-development project Social Alchemy: brotherhood, sisterhood, community. He has led innumerable workshops and retreats for men, and is the author of ‘Sex, Spirit & Community’, ‘Intimate Freedom’ and ‘A Call To The Revolution of The Heart’. Now in his early 60´s, over the last five years Mark´s vision of ´menswork´ and social/ecological change has exploded with energy and urgency. He has presented it in his new book, The Uprising of Man: a proposal, and it is the inspiration behind One for One.

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