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Bringing men together for self-education and meaningful action

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A 3-part video exploration to find out more and see if the Online Program is for you.


A self-educational online program

The program is free if you have no money. This is not a sales pitch! One for One is a not a business – it is a passionate call to unite in radical brotherhood in an era of eco-emergency.

Citizens of a New Civilization is an online experience of international brotherhood for men who want to make an extreme shift in their self-knowledge, and completely shake off the trance of collective superficiality.

In this program we will go to what we consider to be the core of self-development work: the subtle and profound art of remaining at the centre of our own, unique experience. This art, we believe, returns us to our personal authority, to the freedom of living as the unique beings we are, and opens up a new depth of connection in all of our relating.

We will explore extremely simple concepts with extensive social, ecological and political implications, and techniques to be able to actually live these concepts. (You will have lifetime access to all of the program materials.)

Men who have finished the program agree that this inspirational material – plus the combined sincerity and openness of the men who take part – creates an unexpectedly deep online experience of potent, energized brotherhood.

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  • It is an 8-week program
  • Each week you will receive an (approx.) one hour long video, and various support materials.
  • There are also some daily practices, expect to dedicate 15 min. per day
  • There is a sharing space in which to interact with the other men in the group.

  • There will be readings and a Q&A space for clarifications from the program’s creator, Mark Josephs.
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Week 1 – The Return to Ourselves

Week 2 – Aloneness & Belonging

Week 3 – Contraction & Expansion

Week 4 – Managing Contraction I

Week 5 – Managing Contraction II

Week 6 – The Experience of Equality

Week 7 – Relating in Equality

Week 8 – Unity & Purpose

Learn more about this program

One for one is about inspired, educated action.

Self-education is the first step to become the men the world needs us to be.

Coming together with a shared purpose, to bring about the change our world needs, is the next step.

One for One is an evolving community of men who want to take both steps! It is an evolving network of brotherhoods of men who want to walk their talk – men who want to risk standing up in honor of their hearts’ deepest wisdom, refusing to be overwhelmed by the Earth consuming and trashing culture that surrounds them, and work together to create a culture founded on love and respect of the Earth.

Get the free introductory videos

A 3-part video exploration to find out more and see if the Online Program is for you.

” This work has enabled me to get know parts of me I wasn’t aware of – parts that were holding the reins of my life. I have begun to get back what I believe is freedom. “

J.A.V., Farmer

” In this work you experience the strength of the pack. It creates packs of conscious men! “

J.V., Lawyer

” Mark is a marvelous man, inspiring and recklessly authentic. I love his courage and the originality of his proposal. “

F.V., Activist & Entrepreneur

” I have crossed the threshold. I have said goodbye to being a victim, to “I can’t”, to my fears, and embraced the strength and bravery to be the leader of my own life. Nothing will ever be like before. “

M. Z., Architect

” This work has enabled me to empower myself, and begin to discover a strong and sensitive manhood. To grow I need to be in a circle of men. “

E.A., Psychologist

” If you think this can change your life you are very wrong. Mark puts down the gunpowder, but you light the wick. Only you can save your own life. “

J.N., Executive

” Mark has an innate – and well earned – ability to encourage and guide other men to go deeper into themselves, so that each one gains mastery of the depths of his own being. This gift is especially effective due to the humility with which he is willing to give of himself. “

L.G., Head of Digital Marketing

” I am discovering a way to respect myself, and love myself, that’s radiating out – a respectful way of relating that is a treasure for someone like me who’s relating to children, teenagers and adults every day. “

O.L., Teacher

” I have learnt how fucking beautiful it is to show up as a man in vulnerability and authenticity. “

E.M., Musician

” Most impressive and important for me is that Mark relates to me as a brother, an equal, a man like me – which enables me to open up easily. “

R.M., Anthropologist

” The most valuable thing for me was the atmosphere of great sensitivity and respect for life. Thanks from my heart. “

R.S., Retired

” Working with Mark allowed me to taste the freedom that’s there behind all of our conditioning. That changed my life. “

S.E., Lecturer in Politics